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Our Process

Coding test

For Software Development Engineers and other technical positions where appropriate, the first stage in our application process is an online coding test. We expect all technical employees, from junior engineers to senior managers, to have a basic knowledge of coding and algorithms and the aim of the coding test is to assess this. Every submission gets reviewed by an engineer before determining if a candidate progresses to a telephone interview.

Telephone interview

The next stage involves a telephone interview between the candidate and an Amazonian (engineer, manager, data scientist, etc. depending on the position). If both sides are inclined to move forward after this, the candidate progresses to an in-house interview.

In-house interview

The final stage brings a candidate to our Development Centre for an in-house interview day. For candidates outside the UK/EU, we may explore other options for the final interviews. After this, we will call you to discuss the interview feedback or extend an offer.